Sickdirtyfreakarmy SickdirtyfreakarmyLooking for ryujin smut : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Therefore: Passion for writing + passion for Twice = Business Trip. Posted by u/Several_Action_8032 - No votes and no comments. I'm interested in reading incest fanfic and smuts from twice. I'm Peach, kpop gg smut writer and thigh aficionado who has written way too many fics. I suddenly remembered an Irene fic in where she was a sister-in-law and she cheats in her husband with her brother-in-law which was the reader. The reader got blindfolded then thought was given a bj from Eunbi but it was actually Wonyoung giving it. We have a few authors collaborating in a shared universe. sickdirtyfreakarmy - Reddit post and comment search - SocialGrep. Plus the whole (spoiler) break up scene was so goddamn hard to write. The fanfic was about Ryujin and you being childhood bestfriends but she had to move to Seoul for her training. The 11 Most Sexually Depraved Things the Roman Emperors Ever Did. Coins 0 coins Premium Talk Explore. Does anyone have any more links for Kpop smut collections saved in places like the Google drive. Do any of you remember or know this particular smut. Jisun is amazing and has been in my head nonstop lately, really…. com/r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/wiki/masterlist#wiki_red_velvet. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Blood, my blood, left my body in a steady stream, mixing with the water on the roof. Does anybody know where I can find this twice smut?. Search Reddit posts and comments - see average sentiment, top terms, activity per day and more. Downpour Tried something a little different with this, not the usual rough stuff. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. One thing that I noticed while reading is that I thought you did a really good job of balancing the POV character getting to do "unique" things with the idol (making out with her first, leading the train of oral, and finishing last) without making it feel like the other male. This particular fic has been a long while in the making, with a few switches between main characters - other TWICE members, mainly - but ultimately ended up being focused on Mina, which I'm happy about since I rarely get to write about her. Glad to see we are gathering here. Does anyone have any long form Twice smut recommendatioms? I'm looking for something along the lines of "Thin Walls", "Collab to Love", and "Business…. More posts from r/sickdirtyfreakarmy subscribers. This is my collection of shorts stories. The term “good initiative, bad judgment” is used when there’s a problem that needs to be solved, but the way someone chose to solve it just made things worse. Yet another request off the list! Between being sick, having a bunch of work at my full-time job, and visiting my family this coming weekend, I was…. Imo, one of the best long-form fics to read is locke’s Business Trip. Posted by u/Praeluxius - 33 votes and 2 comments. Short, Unedited and (mostly) Filthy. Tumblr AFF Hi! This is my first attempt at writing smut after finally getting off my lazy ass (lol). Wherein Jiu works through your relationship problems. sickdirtyfreakarmy on Reddit: TWICE's ">. Posted by u/[Deleted Account] - 10 votes and 1 comment. Basically mina and chaeyoung are sleep together. After that there is a next chapter whrein Ryujin meets the OC and while drunk relieving the trauma that has happen with the securities. JamieStardust1992 • 5 days ago. Get app Get the Reddit app Log In Log in to Reddit. That would be an average of 3617 words per day. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment 1130WDDL. r/sickdirtyfreakarmy: A place for kpop and kpop-adjacent smut fanfics. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/nx9yf3/drabble/. Posted by u/ggidolsmuts - 25 votes and no comments. "A crazy week!" Levi said in the Week 2 post. It been an a long time I haven't read the story. I wanted to write a sadistic femdom, and Momo looked the part. i remember a smut back from tumblr then where it was yena, hyewon x mc and it has the image of the thumbnail from this hyewon yt video…. This chapter's been a long time coming, and I've been really excited to release it to you guys. I know it might be offensive to others but may I ask if you know some good non-con jihyo smut, or any twice memebers, thank you. 6K subscribers in the sickdirtyfreakarmy community. the shop said it's a female but others said male. Her being a dom while begging to be bred fits her image and attitude so well. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. IT EVEN HAS A TABLE OF CONTENTS. You Only Need a Designated Driver If You’re Not Getting Laid (STAYC Seeun x Purple Kiss Swan) "You Only Need a Designated Driver If You’re Not Getting Laid. The Secret Life of Yooa- Oh My Girl (Yooa) : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Gamble was supposed to be a one and done. JamieStardust1992 • 7 days ago. TW: Non-con It's been a pretty long time since I've updated this series, but I'm happy to have finally gotten the chance to do so. If all of you have links other than these two below me, please send me the link…. Another commission of mine that I've had in the backlog for a little. Go to sickdirtyfreakarmy r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. I tried to concisely express the depression the MC does through in the initial section without …. The smut scenes that do happen are mostly contained to teasing and such, but the implications themselves are pretty hot. Looking for part 6 of Tzuyu 's birthday wishes. MC is new to school? And Chaewon guides him and shows all the hook up spot. Hopefully you'll find at least one more that you'd like. Daddy's Girls (featuring Jisoo and Jennie of BLACKPINK) AO3 nsfw. If you interested in stats of the wiki masterlist. #sickdirtyfreakarmy #kpopxx #lockefanfic. The title of the post need to be between " " tags. So I'm not usually a huge fan of the cuckolding stuff, but IDK this fic was so hot that it didn't matter lol. Poolside [aespa Karina] For those who know, we've been teased by Karina with her pool shots and as a result, I had enough fuel to write this very short piece. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/ngsa7n/beaux_r/. it's categorized by group -> member -> author so you can find pieces for you're own viewing pleasure. A unique pairing, but you can never go wrong with something focusing on Somi's tits. There was a smut I read a long time ago I don’t remember the name of the story or author but it was a foursome between Mina and Jihyo and each of…. So I've been doing this for awhile - since a cold December morning in 2016 when I decided "what the hell, I may as well post this Momo smut I've written and watch the hate comments roll in". Caligula was fond of spending money, but not so good at making it. JihyoMelon here! The Girls in The K-Ville is now republished! 33. One idea was that you post the story as a new post then people can talk about it in that post. PSA for anyone who wants to ask the authors whether there's smut about X idol or smut series in general, you can always check the /r/sickdirtyfreak wikis first! Here is the wiki for. Decided to post it early since my posts between Jan and February were a little spread out. Need Help : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. r/Parakeets • so we just recently bought a parakeet but we can't determine its gender. week three, i'm kind of out of ideas. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment nchris. I remember reading a smut about Somi and her dad, is someone know this story?. I remembered one of the parts was Irene was at her office and forces the reader to eat her out while on a call. Everyone thinks of TWICE as who they are, so why not chal. SICK es una empresa líder en la fabricación de sensores y soluciones de sensores para la automatización de fábricas, logística y de procesos. I've been averaging about one every 2 - 4 weeks recently, but I. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/qejtou/wake_up_call_part_3_loo/. I remember really liking this series when it was first being written, so this was a fun, welcome surprise! The knife play was super well executed and I thought that you managed the "consensual dubious consent" angle really well!. It had a chapter where reader, jeongyeon, and Vernon 3some jeongyeon was blindfolded and was guessing whos who then almost at the end they dp jeongyeon. Eunha and sinb also already outside servicing their own black. Here's about four months more worth of readables (ish). Its a smut where Ryujin is having nsfw time with OC, main highlight she gets gagged with a hanfkerchief towards the end. sickdirtyfreakarmy on Reddit: "Industry ">. How to make a post : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Need help : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. batch of posts from Asmodeus : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Looking for some non con smuts, thanks! Hello, former smut writer Here, the author of "Readers' Wildest Kinks" (K-pop smuts) and "The Girls in The K-Ville" (K-pop smut adaptation of Summertime Saga). OC gets a little more than a delicious treat in…. Sickdirtyfreakarmy Monthly Discussion Thread. Posted by u/ggidolsmuts - 12 votes and no comments. It's best if you start being realistic and save yourself some time and money, register here and give yourself a real chance. Hope you can provide me a link, many thanks!. I'm aware it isn't the best writing, but I'm too lazy to put the effort in and these already fulfill their purpose. Daddy’s Girl - Part 3 by far was the hardest fic to write. Military slang is also used to reinforce the. This particular story is a part of Twice Smuts Everybody Needs book by WinonaTwice that was nuked by Wattpad. I am looking for smuts with double penetration in them does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you you wouldn’t happen to know anymore do you ? actually there were more, it was also posted here, it is about jihyo, two cops, two holes? if I remember it correctly. Does anyone have a link of a twice smut book with a chapter title "bumping into tzuyu" and "Sharing frustrations with nayeon". Hey it's Locke, AMA :) : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/qgm4pl/la_reine_en_noire/. Some background on myself: I started writing K-pop fanfics about 4 years ago, though I've been writing on and off pretty much my entire life. Finally finishing up the last of my pre-paid requests! This was a good one to end on, pretty much straight PWP with enough content volume to make a pretty long chapter. Scan this QR code to download the app now. At the present, yours and her parents planned a dinner with each other, after they drank, they let you guys catch up. SMT AMA Time!!!! : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. First off, check my blog out over at https://co-reborn. Posted by u/Exabytes_of_NGE - 9 votes and no comments. Asks are welcome but may not always receive a response. Just pure depravity from start to finish. lockefanfic asked: Legit opinions on pineapple on pizza plz. 8K subscribers in the sickdirtyfreakarmy community. She will have to confront him in order to protect her friends. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted] • Additional comment actions. - Karina is the MC's flirty best friend and dates around a lot but eventually falls for MC and gets jealous of Winter. 7) Creating an Imperial Brothel. Anyone interested in taking over as moderator for /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy? I originally had plans for it to be much more, but I just don't have the creativity/organization/knowledge to do anything with it. It had a chapter where reader, jeongyeon, and Vernon 3some jeongyeon was blindfolded and was guessing whos who then almost at the end they dp…. People will say “good initiative” because usually, the problem is above someone. (Tags: Drug use) There is a telltale haze filling the living room. Hello, community! So I finally made a reddit. In this list we will be going spice things up with funny family WiFi names that are sure to bring a smile to your family or friends’ face. Posted by u/feistyjy_ - 17 votes and no comments. I've noticed that most people here are from Tumblr, and since the website doesn't really have great support for chaptered stories, most writers here. Hi and welcome to the Sickdirtyfreakarmy monthly discussion thread! In this thread, you can talk about anything and everything …. Do not reupload my codes and designs on tumblr or other platforms. Um welp I can't really say I'm too good at writing like the more hardcore smut, and also I don't really update that much anymore, but I have one story that sorta centers around a female MC who enjoys rougher sex and a (mostly) …. Looking up, I saw her standing right next to me, looking down. Posted in the sickdirtyfreakarmy community. Only two so far, so it's hardly a collection, but I pretend to post regularly. Then she introduce eunbi and MC reveal he is achiever too like Eunbi. And every night, mina pretends to sleep and teases chaeyoung. gifansa said: Why do people asking some writer about specific idol/group fic, I thought that's what r/sickdirtyfreakarmy is made for 🤔 Answer: Not many newer readers know about the wiki, and I don't. They are often abbreviations or derivatives of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, or otherwise incorporating aspects of formal military concepts and terms. TW: Rape Another chapter of this extremely NSFW fic. umji focused if i remember correctly, blacked x idol smut. Experiment i feel like this was written really well, so i hope you guys will like it as much as i do! :D. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Let's face it, you're not going to fuck an only fans model. Military slang is also used to reinforce the (usually friendly) interservice rivalries. We had played and swam beneath the bright, warm sun all day. sinswithpleasure - I guess I’m the boss LMAO. I was thinking If somebody DM me. 75% vivid imagination, 27% writing talent, 3% experience, 14% mathematical skill. Only a few weeks into the sickdirtyfreakarmy and we already have the political arena set up I see · cyronx1 liked this. Hi does anyone have the link to a story where someone intruded into jihyos apartment but she was saved by two cops who happened to be her neighbours…. /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy, 2023-06-08, 20:44:17 Need help 4 /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Welcome to Sickdirtyfreakarmy Masterlist of Masterlists. A Week of Frustration (TWICE x you) AFF nsfw. Do not edit and/or remove the visual and in-code credits. The anger in her eyes was gone and only a look of curiosity. Do you have all the parts of the story? Do you have more gdrive links for Twice or any other. been a while since i wrote something lol, enjoy! "Wake Up Call: Part 3"{Heejin}…. Posted by u/Exabytes_of_NGE - 13 votes and no comments. I have been posting pics and gifs for my own collection on my account and decided to start posting…. I didn't intend to take so long to make this three-parter, but it looks like BoA has arranged for me to finish and post this on this most auspicious of dates, barely more than ten minutes before TWICE's new single is to drop. r/sickdirtyfreakarmy • Disco Rhythm - Oh My Girl Arin & Jiho (existslikePristin AMA) I write K-pop smut that makes you facepalm and I run a smut community Discord server. r/sickdirtyfreakarmy: A place for kpop and kpop-adjacent smut fanfics Press J to jump to the feed. After depleting the coffers at one point, he had the bright idea to turn the palace into an. Posted by u/RosieSmuts - 22 votes and no comments. The storyline is pretty similar. I primarily write Twice, began my writing…. Does anyone know this Nayeon smut? : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Can i borrow someones asianfanfic's accoun. he added a page to our wiki on the sickdirtyfreakarmy subreddit with all the major pieces written by our wonderful writers on tumblr. help i've been trying to find this twice smut i read somewhere in wattpad wherein you're the guy who just recently moved in but you're neighbor/s…. "see saw: up (to you) (how you feel)" {Olivia Hye&Go Won&Hyunjin&Yeojin}…. Posted by u/sinswithpleasure - 9 votes and no comments. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. A place for kpop and kpop-adjacent smut fanfics Members Online • capslockedrivel. Continue browsing in r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Behind that haze is Sujeong wearing a patterned summer dress, lounging around the…. jiheon smut : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. I think this is Chaewon from izone days. Whew! So, this chapter was a massive endeavor; including all of the girls in a meaningful way was tough, as evidenced by the fact that Lia didn't really get too much focus/screentime. Sickdirtyfreakarmy Monthly Discussion Thread. Probably my favorite chapter so far in this story. I look forward to seeing your feedback and hope you enjoy! After months of waiting…. Amidst the chaos of the bustling set for TWICE's music video, "Talk That Talk," Chaeyoung's attire was a mesmerizing blend of edginess and allure. I've heard that there are discord servers for smut writers, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any that are open for people to join. Would really appreciate if you guys can link me this particular smut about Itzy, wherein I think they are in the airport or something with security and then they are force to do NSFW with the guys Ryujin and Yeji. Anyone know a good irene fic where she gets a facial?. Kesuj0 • "Miss Rookie - Part 1" {Yeri}. Posted by u/ggidolsmuts - 14 votes and no comments. How To Deal With A Bitchy Wife (Nayeon) : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Twice Smut : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Gahyeon smuts are always a treat for me, especially when they're as original, funny, cute, and sexy as this one. Finally an update to this story, and even better that it's one that includes a different idol; in this case, SNSD Yoona. Mature Content] r/sickdirtyfreakarmy on Reddit: Does anyone …. Search within r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. It's a bit lighter on the smut, but the plot moves forward a lot, especially toward the end. I badly want to read ryujin's fanfic but i cant create my own account im having some trouble. JamieStardust1992 • 4 days ago. But I am a fan of more rougher stuff, though it might not be everyone else’s cup of tea. /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy, 2023-04-20, 05:29:39 Learning Your Place (featuring WJSN Eunseo) 8 /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy , 2023-04-16, 17:23:00. Mature Content] r/sickdirtyfreakarmy on Reddit: Recently read a …. I was thinking how best to do this. 2K subscribers in the sickdirtyfreakarmy community. No idea how I managed that but here's the result!. This is yet another continuation of the TWICE x reader commissioned fic, "The Woes of an Overworked Manager". See a recent post on Tumblr from @kpopxx about sickdirtyfreakarmy. Posted by u/ggidolsmuts - 15 votes and 1 comment. Greetings, for a private project I have started to track some authors on Tumblr and AsianFanFics (coincidentally where I consume most of my content - nothing against other platforms). A place for kpop and kpop-adjacent smut fanfics. Looking for Sana Irresistible Smut found a while back on Wattpad. Incest story about sana and his father in law, frank sanford. There's a system I included for requests, where you can pay a minimum of $1 for a fic request, with increasing tiers for higher levels of. Hi Guys! I'm back for some help again. This means there are certain structure that the post need to follow for the bot to work. can you guys help find the smut where Mina gets it in the locker room really intense, it's a two part story, and the ending is she got found out by members but it was a really a set up for her and Sana talked to the man wanted to do it next. An a03 smut where dahyun and tzuyu are left tied to a pole with masks on in the middle of the park. "Chicken"{Nana} "Lunch and a Show (YouWeMe Part 4)"{Ji Suyeon} "Idol Club"{Yiren}. Feet smuts : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Hello, former smut writer Here, the author of "Readers' Wildest Kinks" (K-pop smuts) and "The Girls in The K-Ville" (K-pop smut adaptation of Summertime Saga) 22. More posts from r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. New place for the Masterlist of Masterlists. Need help looking for Eunbi Smut. Thank you! I think I could have fleshed out some parts a bit more, but writing is hard, and writing smut is even harder. I occasionally write smut one-shots, mainly featuring…. I not sure people read the notes but an improvement idea to update the wiki is to make the process automatic. Sickdirtyfreakarmy Monthly Discussion Thread AdventurousAd7086 Guys I read a skz smut a while ago and I only remember small parts of it but now I can’t find it again so imma just drop bits and pieces below - if anyone know which one I’m talking about let me know … otherwise I’m probably just having intensely vivid dreams. Akiba / @akb48admirer - Works under CITO Kim Hyunjin. I've dealt with writing non-con scenes before, and while the ones I wrote were like an establishing scene for a primarily non-smut story (the premise being SNSD being kidnapped into sexual slavery) to get the reader to know what kind of thing SNSD experienced after being kidnapped, and therefore created a distinctive purpose for me of writing the rape …. It's amusing that this came out as I'm laying at home sick; thanks for dropping a great story at such a convenient time lol. Poolside (Red Velvet Yeri x Male Reader) Just started a new Idol x Male Reader one-shot series on AO3. Downpour (Fromis Jisun) : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Let's face it, you're never dating an only fans model. Military slang is a set of colloquial terms which are unique to or which originated with military personnel. Coins 0 coins Premium Powerups Talk Explore. All combined in a POV porn concept. Hi and welcome to the Sickdirtyfreakarmy monthly discussion thread! In this thread, you can talk about anything and everything about kpop and writing. You wrote 25321 WORDS THIS WEEK, ALMOST 10K MORE THAN LAST WEEK. Anyone know where I can find the 2-part aespa smut where: - Winter is a shy Korean exchange student with limited English who gets with MC. A a03 series where its a mix of idols, there is some western idols too, i remember it featured tzuyu, nancy, minju getting non con. I'm kesujo, a writer of SNSD fanfiction on asianfanfics, AMA. If you manage to get crowdfunding on AFF and actually try to promote it and offer good incentives and update frequently (both as a promotional tool for your crowdfunding and an incentive to join it, as the primary feature of crowdfunding is advanced access to chapters - however, you can finagle this to be access in general to chapters/oneshots. Hi, I'm new, circa, and this is my first finished attempt. Sin, Hormones, and the Starlet's Boyfriend - Le Sserafim Yunjin, Somi : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Anonymous said: I think you made a little mistake for putting Jin Lovelyz at WJSN Answer: Appreciate that, it’s been fixed. please be sure to thank them for working so hard on this for everyone. I’m looking for a twice au where Momo is the top hostes in a club called club mimosa. Posted by u/lockewrites_ - 19 votes and no comments. Or check it out in the app stores. What's up readers! This is my blog where I post self-written reader-insert smuts as well as the. I could republish on Watford again. I'm thankful to have found such a welcoming, inclusive, overall awesome group of people to share my work with. Fromis App Part 13: (F)App Developer - Fromis_9 Nagyung. Unlike perhaps most people who post on here, my focus in writing is not smut. My tumblr is here , and my AFF is here! :D. 3K subscribers in the sickdirtyfreakarmy community. I haven't done anything with it in forever and if someone wants it, let me know. The world was spinning and when I could focus again I was on the ground, cold water and concrete could be felt. (This was all I could remember on the first part). Place to see your favorite author. I saw two links full of smuts from a previous post, does anyone have more links or something?. I was looking for a ryujin x bbc rapper smut. Does anyone know a link that takes you to a website full of rv smuts? https://www. It's what I have a degree in, it's what I do for a living. Similar to my Futa series on AFF, it'll include a bunch of different scenarios, kinks, idols, etc. Learning Your Place (featuring WJSN Eunseo) So this is, hands down, the filthiest fic I've ever written. "The Dangers of Owning a Smartphone"{Yena}…. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Update 1. The Hydra {Kim Chaewon} ⚠️ TW: Non-con / Rape ⚠️ “Sins of the Father – Part 3: The Hydra” {Kim Chaewon} {Kim Chaewon} She does not realize it yet, but it was Chaewon who had unleashed this monster upon the world, and now he will be coming for her. Trying to re-find a certain aespa story. lockefanfic asked: who let the dogs out?. I am desperately looking for a Eunbi smut in where she and Wonyoung (+reader) went to a vacation. I feel like the plot hasn't moved forward a whole bunch aside from just getting the MC from point A to point B, but that'll change more in the next chapter. The sun cast a warm, golden glow over my private beach as Miyeon and I spent the entire day basking in its radiant embrace. Hope you guys can take some enjoyment out of it. A place for kpop and kpop-adjacent smut fanfics Members Online. There are three smuts series i am looking for from a03 and tumblr. Poolside (Red Velvet Yeri x Male Reader) AO3 nsfw. Hello everyone! I'm new to all of this smut writing, just felt like writing down ideas that I had in my head for a while. How it became a story was that I felt one night that maybe I could do something more than just a character study. It was a Aespa Winter smut where she was a Bunny hybrid and she wakes up the Reader in the middle of the night saying she has heat and reader…. Posted by u/my_love_romsae - 8 votes and 1 comment. This story is the equivalent of a dutyfree toblerone to a fat kid. The story is filled with a ton of sex, but the plot itself is very good as well. Posted by u/Chong_Ong - 11 votes and 2 comments. Do you have any good tzuyu smut comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. holy shit @kpopxx is an absolute legend. Really glad that I got the chance to write a Chungha fic. This hits all the right beats for Dubu lovers out there. Does anyone know where this nayeon smut is? Basically she was wearing a girl scouts uniform and was selling sex for fundraising. You will never date any girl on Reddit if we're being honest. Two Pretty Best Friends (ft. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/omgjjh/wake_up_call_part_2_loo/. Posted by u/BoaMilfQueen - No votes and no comments. worldsover's Kinktober 2021, Week 3 : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. So I managed to bang this fic out in like 3 days, somehow, right after coming back from vacation and pretty much a month straight of working. If we build the tag system on the subreddit so people tag group and member of story then the script can iterate over and any new story add to a database. Then Chaewon lead MC to a hookup spot on school ( I think) and then she blows. Business, Economics, and Finance. What's up readers! This is my blog where I post self-written reader-insert smuts as well as the occasional pic/gif collection. This page has a bot which update our wiki. i don't hate it, but i also don't love it so i'm fine with it …. Or check it out in the app stores Home. I don't wanna offend anyone, but I really don't understand this fixation that lots of writers have in making idols have normal occupations, just for…. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts from r/sickdirtyfreakarmy subscribers. Short, Unedited and (mostly) Filthy : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. It builds in intensity everyday. Asking for some twice gym smut particularly jihyo after i saw her in a sports bra recently. :) You all may know me from tumblr or AFF, where I post terrible smut involving idols from the other side of the world. Picking up directly where the last chapter left off, we get to see more of Jennie here, as well…. ive honestly felt a lot more connected to twice since i started reading it (the reason i say started is cause its yet to reach the end, but dont be fooled, each chapter has an average read time of 1+ hr (if not 2 lol) and there are already dozens of them) A. It used to be on wattpad, but now for some reason it's gone. She first gives reader a bj and then they have sex. If anyone has the links for it please share. Log In / Sign Up; Advertise on Reddit; Shop Collectible Avatars; Get the Reddit app Scan this QR code to download the app now. Basically your friend takes you to some special club for you birthday/ special occasion and you end up in a room with HJ, and he ends up obsessed…. Everything was done manually so I’m sure there are more errors–people can. This chapter features things that are a little different overall from what the series has been so far, while still maintaining the actual spirit of it (non-con). Got a bit of time this evening so started on the process. Hi and welcome to the Sickdirtyfreakarmy monthly discussion thread! In this thread, you can talk about anything and everything about kpop and . r/sickdirtyfreakarmy • by JihyosMelons Hello, former smut writer Here, the author of "Readers' Wildest Kinks" (K-pop smuts) and "The Girls in The K-Ville" (K-pop smut adaptation of Summertime Saga). worldsover - The Curse of the Spider ft. Hey guys! This is my first piece since the sub was created. You'll never date any girl on Reddit to be fair. comment sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Lately I've been writing a lot of shorter one shot stories (Mina, Nayeon, Chaeyoung 1, Chaeyoung 2, Sana and Jihyo) - usually under a thousand words (no "keep reading" link needed!), all totally unconnected with each other aside from the fact that each of them was inspired by a single photo - and I suppose the fact that they're all TWICE members but that was coincidental :P. This fic has been in the works pretty much since my last release (late July), and that's partially because it's such a long fic, but also because my life's been really busy as of late. She picked a black dude and fuck him outside the club. A REALLY long batch of post I've actually written when I was too lazy to post here lol Hope it doesn't bother u/nchris lol But plz, enjoy! How Not to…. Mint / @mintwithchoco - Works under Finance under Jeong Jinsoul. Sinny/WritingSomeSin Author Intro and AMA. PSA for anyone who wants to ask the authors whether there’s smut about X idol or smut series in general, you can always check the /r/sickdirtyfreak wikis first!. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/uw7y7k/acm/. sickdirtyfreakarmy">Guilty Pleasures. A continuation of the previous "Princess" story, this one features another DP, albeit with some added stuff in order to avoid begin super repetitive. "[Her] Little [Tutee] Can't Be This [Dense]" {Yves&Haseul&Vivi}…. Look at the last chapter to see the proof. Hi! This isn't directly related to written fanfiction but still follows the idea of closing the gap between idol/reader so I feet like this is the…. Need help finding a fic about Irene wehrein the reader is a cleaner of sorts? The title is something similar to the House Helper/cleaner? It features…. Posted by u/ReasonableSquirrel41 - No votes and no comments. Expand user menu Open settings menu. Hey y'all, I hope everyone's being safe and doing a-okay. r/sickdirtyfreakarmy A chip A close button. Poolside (Red Velvet Yeri x Male Reader) : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. So busy, in fact, that I'm starting to spread out my commissions to limit them to one a month. Blood, my blood, left my body in a steady stream, …. Looking for a Tumblr Smut : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Hoping that someone have the full story of it. I think it was a Tumblr post, the story consist of Reader and Karina going at it in the first part but after doing the deed the reader sees Somi and likes what he sees, the Reader then goes to Somi to harras her. Lol honestly it's mostly just that I love literature and writing, and always have. sickdirtyfreakarmy">Finding part 3 Sana Father in law Visit : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. Slowly but surely working my way through these requests! I decided to do a request between commissions until I clear out the majority of the backlog…. Anyone has the link for this particular smut? It's a twice smut on wattpad, and a long series. Best Friends (featuring TWICE Chaeyoung and IOI Somi) AO3 nsfw. I remembered reading it on archive The story goes ryujin and I think yuna are part of the mafia and they kidnapped the mayor of the city in order to…. The Competition (featuring TWICE Mina and Fromis_9 Saerom). Looking for an old Taeyeon smut where she’s a wife, husband is away and about to come back, and creepy neighbor comes out of hiding from her closest…. Quick Question : r/sickdirtyfreakarmy. i don't hate it, but i also don't love it so i'm fine with it :D. Main Contributors: Asmodeus / @asmodeussoularium - Works under Jo Haseul and Choi Yerim in HR, though there’s a lot more that he does outside of HR. I didn't actually plan on continuing this fic, but the individual who commissioned it wanted to, and with a premise/plot like this, I couldn't refuse!. Posted by u/Kesuj0 - 9 votes and no comments. Figured I might as well post this here and help contribute to the sub. 23 x 3 (TWICE Nayeon) First K-GG smut, dedicated to u/lockewrites_ who got me started on this path to hell. Redirecting to /r/sickdirtyfreakarmy/comments/100tqn1/blackpink_ros/. Hope you enjoy my content 😁 #sickdirtyfreakarmy. Dirty Thoughts — Anyone interested in taking over as moderator for. I’ve linked part 1 and there are about 50 parts in total. It was my first time writing a dom character and that was difficult. Maybe not the most taboo - after all, I write incest and non-con pretty often - but definitely the dirtiest in terms of kinks. Posted by u/ElectronicCouple7508 - No votes and no comments. More posts from the sickdirtyfreakarmy community. The Last of Sol's 2022 Fics Dump, Part One. Thanks everyone for this community, I hope to learn a lot c…. Obviously I love reading other fan fics on here. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. - Giselle is another friend of Karina's and MC. theyre in a club and eunha+sinb makes fun of umji for only taking small dicks so she decided to take on the challenge and fuck someone with a cock she was accustomed to. AdministrativeGap783 • Sana Smut. Asking for some recommendations. Easily one of my favorites so far, considering that…. Discover more posts about sickdirtyfreakarmy. Some of the stuff I want to be introduced to are face fucking, puke/ vomit, piss, rough but not forced sex among others.